Rescheduled Flight Saves Sheryl Sandberg From Plane Crash

An Asiana Airlines flight crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport yesterday. As a result of the crash-landing, two passengers have been reported dead whereas another 181 are injured. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg was due to take the same plane, but by chance, switched to a United flight.

SF crash landing

Naturally, it was simply great luck that Sandberg switched flights hours before the ill-fated Asiana flight crash-landed at the SF Airport. The flight that Sandberg switched to was returning from a Korean business trip and it landed a mere 20 minutes before the Asiana flight landed.

Apparently, Sandberg decided to switch flights to cash in air mile tickets for family members. A number of other Facebook executives were also with her, which means that they too avoided the crash simply because of a last-hour reschedule.

Among the chief passengers that were on board the plane that crash-landed was Samsung executive David Eun. Although a large number of passengers were injured as a result of the debacle, Eun tweeted after the incident that he was okay. According to him, “I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal.”

He later reassured that most of the passengers on-board seem fine, “Just went through customs. Adrenaline rush is subsiding. Just trying to process all this. Really glad that most everyone I saw seemed ok, with just a few minor injuries. Thinking a lot about family and friends right now.”

Courtesy: USA Today

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