Dogs In New Zealand Learning To Drive Cars!

Have you ever heard or seen – a dog is driving a car in real life? I’m sure, you haven’t. This unprecedented thing has happened  in New Zealand. Three dogs in New Zealand are learning to drive cars!

Dogs Learning To Drive Cars

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has teamed up with Mini Cooper in New Zealand to teach three dogs how to drive cars. These three probationer dogs are – 10 month old beardie cross Porter, 18 month old schnauzer cross Monty, 1 year old beardie whippet cross GinnyNow, these dogs are learning to drive in rigs with paw-activated accelerators and brakes.

Dogs Learning To Drive Cars-1

Just after having a training of one week, the dogs learned to sit facing forward with their paws on the steering wheels. Each became a master in driving wooden carts (for basic knowledge) just in eight weeks. After that, the dogs were shifted to a modified Mini car in which they sat on their haunches in the driver’s seat with their paws on the steering wheel. Their feet go on extension levers which are attached to the accelerator and the brake while their paw rests on the gear-stick. Here’s a video.

According to the New Zealand Herald, SPCA hopes to use the driving dogs to showcase how intelligent its rescue animals are, and that they’re suited to work as helpers or just family pets. And to prove their intelligence, these dogs will be put to a test in front of Campbell Live‘s national TV audience on December 10 under the supervision of Mark Vette (trainer) and his team of experts. For more information and update, check Driving Dogs Facebook page.

Source: Driving Dogs (Facebook Page)
Thanks To: Daily Telegraph

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