Sharp Develops 156 LCD Screens To Create A 5D 360-degree Video Room

Sharp has created a massive 156 LCD screen display to create an immersive video room display at the 5D Miracle Tour in the Hui Ten Bosch Theme Park in Nagasaki. The larger the screen you use to watch the video, the more immersed you become. Sharp has created an awesome video screen room that may be the most immersive video attraction ever.

The room consists of 156 x 60” PN-V601 LCD displays with 36 monitors positioned on the wall, celling and floor and 24 monitors on each of the left and right walls. Creating a huge, seamless display from 200 to 300-plus inches wide in front, above, below, and on both sides.

The video room opens on April 29, 2011 and will have a total of 156 massive 60-inch Sharp PN-V601 LCD panels inside it. The front wall, ceiling, and floor each get 36 of the screens and the wide walls each get 24 screens.


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