iPod Shuffle Signed By Steve Jobs On Sale For $25,000!!

An iPod shuffle is on sale on eBay and the current bids rests at $25,000. There are still some days for the bidding to go on and the price is expected to rise even further. What is so special about this iPod shuffle is that it’s been signed by Steve Jobs himself. The user, who’s selling it, had Apple’s co-founder’s autograph on the device during an Apple event.

Apple enthusiasts are warming up to the bid and the bid is on the rise very rapidly. Within the last few hours, the bid has risen from $10,000 to more than $25,000. According to the user, he was able to get Steve’s autograph during an event. The conversation that resulted between the two is very interesting. The user walked over to Steve Jobs and asked him for an autograph while acknowledging that he doesn’t often given autograph. Steve chuckled and responded that it’s not that he minds doing so, it’s just that he thinks his R & D guys are much more deserving of being autographed for the cool Apple products.

Undoubtedly, as in life, Steve Jobs continues to inspire people in his death. The fan-following that he gathered during his life has only swelled after he is gone. And this can be manifest in the price of this small device, otherwise priced at a tiny price, now being sold in thousands of dollars solely for Jobs’ signature. There are still five days to the end of the bid. And who knows if the device is eventually sold at more than a hundred thousand dollars. If you’re a rich Apple fan, you surely may want to try your luck here. New eBay Auction Link.

Image courtesy eBay.

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