[Breaking News] Fast & The Furious Movie Star Paul Walker Dies In Car Crash

Amazing cars… ultra speed… extreme passion… indomitable driving… all these you will find in the Fast and the Furious series movies. One of the main attractions of Fast and the Furious movie is Paul Walker. But the sad news is few hours ago at afternoon, Paul Walker died in a car crash.

Paul Walker

It’s been reported that Paul Walker was at the back seat of his friend’s red Porsche car and he was going to attend a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. But on the way of going to the event, the car crashed into a light pole and a tree in the community of Valencia and burst into flames instantly. Paul Walker and an unnamed person which is being assumed as Walker’s friend, died on the spot.

Porsche GT
Paul Walker Accident Secne
Los Angeles Fire Department Reaching To Crashed Car In Valencia
Firefighters Spray Water On Crashed Porsche Car
Crashed Porsche Car In Which Paul Walker Died
A Sheriff At The Scene Of Crashed Porshe Car In Valencia

After the confirmation of Walker’s death, a statement on the actor’s Facebook page said, “We … are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news.”

Be noted that Walker was 40 years only and he was working on “Fast & Furious 7” at the time of his death. He also starred in the suspense drama, “Hours,” which is set for release this month.

Source: NY Daily News

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