Robot Waiters Now Serving Food In Chinese Restaurant

The Dalu Rebot Restaurant in Jiang, China, is an innovative, yet strange, development in the realm of cuisine. This particularly peculiar eatery is ran entirely by robots. With two robot receptionists and a full robotic wait staff, the Dalu Rebot Restaurant is a great place to grab a bite and get closer to your future.

The popular, trendy restaurant “employs” six shiny, copper-colored robots that can serve as many as 100 demanding, hungry humans. These mechanical wonder-waiters never grow tired or short-tempered; they don’t have feet that hurt; and they don’t complain about poor tips. In fact, they don’t receive any tips at all, except perhaps for an occasional drop of oil.

The restaurant is cleverly designed around the robots: 21 tables are positioned in circles that allow the busy waiters to zip their way along a pre-established path. Diners are waited on by the efficient robot wait staff in order of rotation.

After serving the diners their meals, the robots whisk their way back to the kitchen—run by humans—and refill their wheeled carts for the next go-around.

Wang Xianwei, a spokesperson for the Dalu Rebot Restaurant, affirmed to reporters that only robots wait on the tables.

Although customers are also greeted by a pair of friendly robots at the entrance, the meals—primarily variations of a Chinese fondue—are all prepared by human cooks. At least the cooking is done by people for now…that may change in the future.

The futuristic restaurant was the brainchild of the Shandong Dalu Science and Technology Company. The technology firm has announced its intention to expand upon the concept.

Many of you will not understand a word of the video below, but you can get a peek at the robots.

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