Sean Greenwood Recovers With A 74 MPH Barrel Roll At Olympics

Typically, winners at Olympics do everything right. But there are some who run into errors and among these, barely any are able to recover perfectly in run-time. Sean Greenwood of Ireland was able to pull off a perfect recovery at men’s skeleton event through a barrel roll at 74mph.

Olympics bobsleigh

Greenwood was coming down hard during a men’s skeleton event. During the course of the game, he had to take a left course while traveling at a speed of 74 mph. He would have lost his balance but for a stunning improvisation. As he was lifted in the air with his speed, he did a barrel roll with his sled, sliding along the sides for one brief moment and then landing back on the main course at his back.

Then further down, he was able to shift back to the original position and continue his race to the end point. The barrel roll at 74mph was an absolutely marvelous piece of athletic prowess. Normally, an athlete would have hit lost the balance at this point, slowed down significantly and altered his position so much as to finish the race too late to qualify.

But Greenwood not only managed to avert the hit through a barrel roll but shifted back to his position and ended the race, albeit a little slowly. He is currently on the 27th position after two runs.

Source: NBC

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