Tibetans Send China A Message Through ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance

It seems like South Korean rapper and pop singer Park Jae Sung’s (better known by his stage name PSY) “Gangnam Style” is rocking the world. Why? Because everyone is trying to perform this funny and delightful dance in all campaigns and cultures. And recently, Tibetans has sent a message to China through performing a Gangnam Style dance.

China have been ruling over the Tibetan Autonomous Region for long. People at Tibet had been trying very hard to achieve independence from China and faced a lot of oppressive measures. This time, Tibetans have decided to send a message to China through Gangnam Style dance. International Tibet Network and Students for a Free Tibet explain, this Gangnam Style parody is laced with references to Tibet’s effort to achieve independence from China. The bobble headed person performing in Gangnam Style dance indicates Xi Jinping, China’s new ruler. Most probably Tibetan Gangnam Style dancing video was filmed in a dharamshala in India, home of the exiled Dalai Lama and the Tibetan leadership. Here is the video.

Source : CNET

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