Walmart To Offer Same-Day Delivery In Select Markets Over Holiday Season

Walmart, one of the largest brick-and-mortar retail outlets in the world, has introduced a new service called “Walmart To Go,” pleading same-day delivery. With the holidays arriving rampantly, the service launched yesterday, October 9th. Walmart reflects the service as being in its ‘testing phase’ and will run in few markets, including Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and the San Jose/San Francisco area.

Walmart To Go offers a flat-rate of $10 per shipment and allows customers to purchase an unlimited amount of merchandise. They are working directly with the UPS to deliver the items during the same day. Orders must be placed by 12:00 pm in the customers timezone and items will be delivered between the specified 4-hour window (4-8 pm, 5-9 pm, 6-10 pm). Any returns can be brought back to the store or scheduled to be picked-up.

If your market was stated above than visit to create an account. Each store offers their own variety of goods available for same-day delivery. The entire Walmart catalog isn’t applicable for the service, only distinct items.

Walmart is testing this as an extension to their “Walmart To Go” grocery delivery service launched in San Jose/San Francisco in April 2010. Just in time for the holidays, Walmart has mainly their electronics, sports, and toys section ready for same-day delivery.

Source: Slashgear

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