[Video] Viral Video Shows Whale Stuck On The Beach Of SeaWorld, And Struggling To Get Back

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, has a young pilot whale (a member of the dolphin family). During a show, this pilot whale came out of water and got stuck on the ‘beach’. As a result, this scenario caused the audience to erupt into screams and the crowd continued to call for help. The whole thing was captured in video, which later went viral on the internet.

Whale At SeaWorld

Earlier this month Carlo De Leonibus, along with his wife and 11-year-old daughter went to Orlando park to see whale’s acrobatic show. During the show, the young pilot whale came out of water as part of the game, but got stuck on the beach. At first, people started enjoying the scence, but things already had started to go wrong. The whale struggled for 10 minutes to return to water, but failed. At then, Leonibus realized that something was wrong. So, he told one of the staffs to look into the matter, but the staff didn’t pay any attention to his word; rather he responded, “It’s having fun, it’s playing.” Finding no other way, Leonibus went “back to the bleachers” and started recording the moment.

Pilot Whale Stranded At SeaWorld

In the mean time, the crowd at SeaWorld became furious and started to yell to save the pilot whale. After hearing people’s screaming, a voice came over the loud speaker assuring the crowd that the pilot whale was fine. Leonibus estimated that 20-25 minutes had passed, but no staff came to help the whale. However, under such pressure, the SeaWorld at last sent two trainers in to push the pilot whale back in water. When the video was posted online, it went viral.

After seeing the video SeaWorld officials said, “The pilot whale shown in the video is not stranded or beached on the ledge at SeaWorld Orlando’s whale and dolphin stadium. The whale was never in danger. This is social and play behavior our trainers see daily and sometimes hourly by the pilot whales. If you listen closely the trainer on microphone is trying to tell the audience just that.” In defense, SeaWorld also said, “Pilot whales come out on the ledge all the time and always get back into the deeper water without any problem. The younger animals are still inexperienced and sometimes it takes them a bit longer.”

Source: Huffington Post

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