Surgeons Will Use 3D Printing To Reconstruct A Man’s Severely Injured Face

3D printing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, finding many new applications. It now seems that it can prove to be immensely useful for certain forms of surgeries. British surgeons are now gearing up to reconstruct a man’s severely damaged face with the help of a surgery that involves 3D printing.

3D printing

The patient in question was driving a bike when he ran into an accident. As a result of the accident, his face was severely injured, apart from other complications. In order to reconstruct his face, a team of British surgeons has decided to rely on a technique which makes use of 3D printing.

In using this technique, the surgeons will use the undamaged side of the patient’s face to construct the rest of the face. The material that will be used to create the guides and implants for the surgery comprise of medical-grade titanium. Computer images, based on the symmetry of the undamaged face, will be used to create these titanium implants through 3D printing.

A number of notable experts are taking part in this endeavor which is the first medical surgery of its kind and will herald the future of surgical implants shall it prove successful. The entire project is overlooked by the Center of Applies and Reconstructuve Technologies in Surgery. The work related to this operation, which is due to take place soon, is being exhibited at London’s Science Museum. Given its futuristic nature, it has attracted the interest of many.

Courtesy: Daily Mail



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