A World Prepared For Earthquakes

We have seen earthquakes happening all over the world, specially in Japan. As it’s not possible to prevent earthquakes so, researchers have been trying for long time to find out a better way of detecting forthcoming earthquakes. So far, there is no system to predict earthquakes, Ananya Mukundan, a student scientist from Michigan using magnetic field sensors is trying to predict earthquakes.

Image After Earthquake, Image Credit : http://i.telegraph.co.uk

Earlier we have seen local high school students who are trying to track earthquakes through seismic sensors or NASA’s GPS monitoring system for earthquake warnings, but so far none of those initiative is successful enough. The recent earthquake and the earlier tsunami occurred in Japan caused both loss of life and global economic slowdown. Till now, no impressive system have been developed to predict earthquakes. But, Ananya Mukundan, a student scientist from Michigan is working to change that.

Ananya’s technology is pretty much impressive. Ananya developed ultra-sensitive, low-cost, room-temperature magnetic field sensors. These magnetic field sensors could be placed around the world and networked to predict earthquakes. Low-frequency with low-intensity magnetic fluctuations occur hours or days before a forthcoming quake. These fluctuations are a million times smaller than the Earth’s magnetic field and having low-temperature sensors, these can detect earthquakes.

An artist Micah Lidberg has sketched the whole idea of Ananya’s technology from his thought. As according to Ananya, the magnetic field sensors could be placed around the world and networked to predict earthquakes so Lidberg created a harmony between linear and organic themes in his sketch. First, he rendered the city in a rational way. The ethereal things such as the electromagnetic fields he rendered organically and intuitively. He did everything with mechanical pencils but when the the final drawing was finished, he inputted the image into the computer to add colour.

Sketch Of Quake Shake Network For Earthquake Warning, Image Credit : http://sciart.intel.com

Source : SciArt

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