Baby Robots Performing Like Human Baby

Invention is a word to Engineers and Tinkerers who never tires of creating something different. It is like a liquor to them. This time, can anyone guess, what such crazy or different things have been created? It’s a baby Robot that actually does the same thing(act) just like a human baby usually does at birth time or his early period.

This baby robot is such an awesome creation. The way a baby moves his hands and legs, behaves: this baby robot does the same so. Actually, this is a baby mech, in which it contains a collection of whirring servomotors and flailing claw-arms. If it had human skin and baby scream, I’m sure, it would be hard for all to differentiate whether it is a baby or robot? Check out the video below.

The Uncanny Valley, of course, is that hypothesized zone in which robots or artificial characters are lifelike enough to freak us out if they have disturbing imperfections. Though, the baby robot has lack of human skin and flesh, but Chris Clark is one of the animatronics expert, who dares to create such creativity. To be noted, Chris Clark created many special-effects wizard whose credits include a puppet horse used in Steven Spielberg‘s “War Horse.”

Clarke has also done making animatronic baby before. Click here to see one of his older videos. Is it that, this types of perfect creations will make us confuse? Who knows, one day, we will eager hug a baby robot instead of our baby…!

Source : CNet

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