Gene Modification Makes Sheep Glow In The Dark

Have you ever thought that one day you would be reading a news of an animal that can glow in the dark? Yes, it’s true. Nine sheep have born that can glow in the dark!

Glowing Sheep

Some scientists in Uruguay, in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur, modified the genes of sheep using the fluorescent protein from an Aequarea jelly fish and believed that this genetic change would make the new born sheep “glow-in-the-dark.” Last October, nine sheep were born from those genetically changed sheep at the Institute of Animal Reproduction, Uruguay. And surprisingly all nine new born sheep were able to glow green color in the dark. The color is “easily identifiable in the sheep’s tissue.” But the big secret is the sheep can glow green color in the dark only at then when they are exposed to certain ultraviolet light.

Some of you may think that these sheep might have big difference than the non-modified sheep or the sheep might not be developing normally, but the Uruguay scientists have assured that the new born sheep have no difference from non-modified sheep and every sheep is “developing normally.”

Source: Nature World News

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