Nonprofit Sends Malaria Box To Researchers To Help Find New Cures

A number of malaria cures are currently available in the market. But researchers are always seeking new and better cures. To help with this quest, a nonprofit organization is now sending such researchers free kits of potential malaria cures.


In finding a cure for a disease, researchers have to test out millions of particles and see which of them may potentially be beneficial for a person suffering from that disease. The initial process of testing out millions of particles usually takes place through robots in high-tech, costly facilities, something not all researchers may be able to afford.

To help with this, Medicines for Malaria venture has now created a Malaria Box. The organization essentially tested out millions of particles, then short-listed 200,000 promising chemicals. These chemicals were then tested by human researchers and any such chemicals which were already being used as cures were ruled out to avoid redundancy.

Eventually, the organization finalized 200 new particles which can offer effective cures for malaria. The Malaria Box contains these 200 chemicals which can be ordered for free by researchers working on malaria cures. The Box essentially helps such researchers avoid the cumbersome process of testing millions of chemicals and take them directly to highly potential candidates.

Malaria Box can be ordered from the Medicines for Malaria venture’s website. The only condition that accompanies this free gift is that any research helped by the box must be published openly so that the rest of the scientific community may benefit from it. This is an excellent campaign which is sure to benefit thousands of researchers around the globe.

Source: Medicines for Malaria Venture

Courtesy: Pop Sci

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