Man Never Leaves His Dream : A Dutchman Flaps His Arms And Flies Like Birds

People have always dream, one day he will fly like a bird. Other people will get confused, what is flying in the sky? Is it a bird or a human? After long working for several months on Human Bird Wings project, Jarno Smeets finally flies just alike a bird. The same technique, same flying style. It’s really uncertain to tell from far, which thing is in the air? Dutchman proves, Nothing is Impossible.

Jarno Smeets assembled long nylon self built wings powered by outrunner motors. By rigging up a complicated Android, Arduino and Wii arm-waving control system he achieved this success. He used a GoPro camera on his helmet to shoot the flight video. Check it out. It’s really awesome.

You can click here, if you want to know more about the project details.

Source : Humanbirdwings


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