NASA Satellite Captures Devastating Images Of Tornadoes

Last week on Tuesday afternoon, Texas became a victim of few tornadoes. The tornadoes were such dangerous and devastating that had never happened in Texas before. NASA has revealed some stunning 3D images of the 14 confirmed tornadoes that devastated different parts of Texas last week. The images reveal some unbelievable tornadoes. These tornadoes had great powerful thunderstorms more than eight miles high. The thunderstorms destroyed several neighborhoods to the ground.

Last week, a number of tornadoes destroyed hundreds of homes, buildings and almost everything. NASA used their satellite to take pictures of those tornadoes. It was unbelievable. The captured photos in 3D shows that, the storms reached up to 8 miles in the sky.
The National Weather Service confirmed that 14 tornadoes. NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite did a great job because it captured the latest images of the storms. The 3D images clearly shows the height of the storm and its origin and spanned area.

We pray, this type of Tornadoes may never occur again. Watch the video below.

Source : Daily Mail
Image Credit : NASA, AP


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