NASA’s FTP Server Hacked

A Romanian attacker known as TinKode has compromised a FTP server belonging to Goddard Space Flight Center and has released a screenshot of the server as a proof. The files on it appear to be related to NASA’s SERVIR program and the attacker is also known to have previously compromised,, and………..


A Romanian hacker claims to have breached a computer server at NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center and gained access to confidential satellite data, posted a screen grab of what he said was a Goddard Space Flight Center FTP server. The screen shot shows files that appear to be connected with NASA‘s SERVIR program, which uses satellite data to aid in disaster relief, health risk assessments and climate change and biodiversity issues. NASA, just a week away from its penultimate space shuttle launch, has now removed dozens of Web pages that popped up on its Jet Propulsion Laboratory website. They were used to flog low-cost versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite and other products, according to cached versions of the pages, still viewable on Google.Affected sites included those for NASA, Stanford University, Syracuse University and Northeastern University. NASA had cleaned up its site Monday. Jane Platt, a spokeswoman for NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said the NASA site was safe to visit, but she declined to comment on the hacking incident because NASA‘s policy “is not to discuss security matters.” So by hacking NASA and Stanford’s pages, the scammers can generate more traffic for their clients and earn themselves more money in referral fees. With NASA set to launch the Space Shuttle Endeavor next week, a lot of people are visiting the space agency’s website something that makes it only more valuable to hackers, according to Chester Wisniewski, a security researcher with Sophos.



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