Scientists Successfully Use Urine To Create Brain Cells

The creation of brain cells which can then be used in human body is very significant to counter a number of diseases. However, the process of creating such cells can be quite a hassle at times. Now, scientists have been able to create brain cells from urine, making the process a lot easier.

Brain cells

A number of other techniques which are used to grow and culture cells to be transplanted in human body often end up creating tumours. They are not able to function well within human body and do more harm than good.

On the other hand, scientists have used urine to gather cells present in it and then turn them into neural progenitor cells. These cells eventually can be made to turn into brain cells. Normally, cells from blood are used to culture and create more cells for human body but urine is a more abundant and available source.

Scientists have successfully experimented on the urine cells, converting them into viable neurons which start working perfectly when embedded in human body. Unlike many other methods of cell creation, the brain cells created from urine do not lead to any kind of tumours, making them far safer to be used. These results were affirmed by transplanted these cells in the brains of newborn rats.

According to Marc Lalande, who is a geneticist at the University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, “We work on childhood disorders. And it’s easier to get a child to give a urine sample than to prick them for blood.”

Courtesy: Nature

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