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The World’s Most Powerful Non-Destructive Magnet

Generating a non-destructive 100 Tesla magnetic field has been a project of the Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) for about a decade and a half. Theory of Magnetic Field is quiet interesting. Recently, researchers have hooked up a huge nested magnet to a bigger generator that kicks out a pulse 2 million times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field. This magnet is being called the world’s most powerful non-destructive magnet. And guess what? It screams like a Banshee while in the process. A magnet screams? Lets find out…

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s biggest magnet facility met the grand challenge of producing magnetic fields in excess of 100 Tesla in New Mexico, on March 22, 2012. At the same time, they were conducting six different experiments.

To be noted that, 1 Tesla (Tesla is a unit of measuring magnetic field strength) is approximately equivalent to the field strength inside the coil in a typical loudspeaker. Therefore, the 100 Tesla level is roughly equivalent to 2 million times Earth’s magnetic field. If you have no idea about magnetic field, then the video below is exactly for you.

“This is our moon shot, we’ve worked toward this for a decade and a half,” said Chuck Mielke, director of the Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos. “Congratulations to the Los Alamos team and our collaborators,” said LANL Director Charlie McMillan. “Their innovations and creativity are not only breaking barriers in science, but solving national problems in the process.”

The world record for a human-generated magnetic field is about 730 Tesla. But, it destroyed all the equipment that was used to create it. Comparing to that, generating non-destructive 100 Tesla powerful magnetic field was quite easier. But it’s hard to do much with fields of this strength when simply generating them obliterates everything nearby. In fact, LANL’s stable and reproducible non-destructive 100T field requires a combination of 7 coils sets. It weighs approximately 18,000 pounds and is powered by a huge 1,200 megajoule generator.

The researchers were really happy after producing the world’s most powerful 100.75 Tesla non-destructive magnetic field safely.

Watch the video below to see the 100 Tesla pulse in action. The screaming of magnet happens at about 1:35 min.

Source : Los Alamos National Laboratory
Image Credit : LANL



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