Finally 1058 People Primarily Selected For Mars One Mission

Netherlands-based startup Mars One wants to set the first human colony on Mars in 2023. So, the company started receiving applications for the Mars One one way mission. The startup received more than 2,00,000 applications and lately, the company has selected 1,058 people primarily for its mission.

[Concept] Human Colony On Mars

To make the Mars One mission successful, the company has launched a crowd funding campaign in Indiegogo. The company is trying to raise a fund of $400,000 (£245,000) by January 25, 2014 (11:59 pm PT) via Indiegogo. This Indiegogo campaign will help the Mars One company to launch a private Mars lander and a satellite in 2018 as a first major step of its project.

On the other side, the company continued receiving applications for the Mars One mission. The plus point that the applicants had for applying was that they were not needed to have a background in rocket science, or astronomy. Rather what the Mars One company was looking for in applicants was to have enough motivation, good sense of humor, and nerves of steel, and the desire of not coming back.

Rocket Towards Mars

However, from the applications that Mars one has received till now, the company has selected 1,058 people for its mission. That means, now these applicants have reached to the second level. Now, audience will select their preferable participants from this number of people through voting for the Mars One mission. The more votes a participant gets, the more surety of going to next level.

Mars One

After passing two more rounds, a group of 28-40 people will be selected finally to be trained for 7 years for the mission. But that doesn’t mean that all of them will go to the Mars One mission. Rather, there will be another/last vote, from which only 4 participants getting maximum number of votes, will be selected for the mission finally. The overall selection process will come to an end in 2015 and the selected 4 participants are supposed to heading to Mars by 2025.

Spacecraft Landing On Planet

It’s been mentioned that Mars One company will launch a Mars lander and a satellite in 2018 as a first major step of its project. The landing of those will be broadcast live so that millions of people “with internet access” can “see what the weather’s like on Mars.” Currently, Mars One mission is in talks with a few TV studios about the project; sponsorships and media partnerships.

Source: The Verge

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