Astronauts Will Live On The Moon By 2020, NASA Report Predicts

The Moon is Earth‘s only natural satellite. It has been one of the prime ground of space exploration projects. You might have already read that space agencies wanting to construct a permanent base on the Moon. The construction has already started. Recently, a study commissioned by NASA has claimed that astronauts will start living on the Moon by 2020!

A Model Of An Inflatable Lunar Base

In 2006, NASA announced its plan to set up a solar-powered base on the Moon’s south pole around 2020 for further manned exploration. Last Thursday, NASA showed a model of an inflatable lunar base and said that private firms would be able to send astronauts to have a visit to that lunar surface by 2020. NASA also mentioned that astronauts would be able to live on the Moon for a long period!

Robert Bigelow, founder and president of the Las Vegas-based firm Bigelow Aerospace, said that his firm had surveyed about 20 companies as well as foreign space agencies and research organizations for the NASA commissioned study, which the company undertook at its own expense. The report said that private companies, including Bigelow Aerospace, have more interest in the Moon itself. In fact, Bigelow has ambition to own, lease and operate inflatable space habitats in Earth orbit and on the Moon.

Undoubtedly, setting up a permanent base on the moon would require some massive funding. Although, NASA didn’t announce how much the lunar base will cost, it said that it can be paid for within existing budgets and with contributions from partner countries and commercial investment.

What do you think, readers? Share your thoughts about living on the moon.

Source: Daily Mail

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