Chinese Man Jailed For Faking Rubber Alien

The existence of life in the universe other than us is a matter of debate and fascination. While most of us look on the issue with simple curiosity, some tend to take it to heart. The latest is a Chinese man named Li, who has gone a bit far to prove the existence of aliens. The result was a jail sentence for disturbing public peace.

rubber alien

Mr. Li is a farmer by profession. He wanted to prove that we’re not alone in this universe. But he underestimated the censoring power of the state.

Mr Li posted images on the internet of a rubber alien stashed in a freezer in his garage. He claimed that the alien body was real, and it was electrocuted after falling into a rabbit trap Mr. Li set. The alien was, however, not alone. It came from a UFO along with 4 others when Li was setting rabbit traps on his farmland. The other aliens flew after this one was trapped and electrocuted, claimed Mr. Li.

After his post became viral on the internet the Police intervened quickly. His post was deleted, and shortly after he was arrested.

“After the police interrogated me, I confessed I was a fan of UFOs and the alien was a fake. I just wanted other people to believe that aliens existed,” Mr. Li told the Shandong Evening News.

Mr. Li was charged with “fabrication” of false information and “disturbing public order.” He was sent to jail for five days.

Thanks to: CNET, The Telegraph

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