Comet ISON Already Lost Most Of Its Nucleus, Probably Crashing In The Sun

Millions of people wanted to know whats happening to comet ISON. What we gathers from live hangout by NASA, its already lost most of its nucleus. Keep reading for details.


According to last analyzed image from satellite SDO, Comet ISON already lost most of its nucleus. Its still not right time to announce, if its going to crash in the Sun, but its a bit shaky situation right now. Chances of ISON escape the sun is getting faded. We still have to wait few more hour, and maybe more to analyze data. NASA and other hundreds of observatory tracking ISON, so even if it breaks down we will still learn things like how Sun corona affected the comet and a lot of other information which will help us understand the Sun and solar system.

From the image on top, as we could see there is no visible head of the comet ISON, not even a dot, as scientist at NASA described we should seen something from the head if its nucleus survived. Also none of the other imagery shows anything coming out from the sun corona. Now question is what happen to its metal inside, which should be as long as 500 meter to 1 km, inside the water ice. Scientist said even after water and ice melted the metal should have some effects on the sun corona.

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