One Way Mission To Mars Receives 78,000+ Applications, And Counting

Do you dream of going to the space and explore the universe? Do you dream of expanding the human race beyond the Earth? Then go to and file your video application for a one way ticket to Mars.

Rocket Towards Mars

Mars One, a Netherlands-based startup, wants to set the first human colony outside the Earth. The planet chosen for the mission is Mars. The group hopes to set the first human colony on Mars in 2023.

The nineteen-week long application process started two weeks ago, and the number of applicants have surpassed 78,000. Applications were received from 120 countries, with USA leading the chart. Mars One aims to get half a million applicants by the end of the nineteenth week.

The proceeds ($38 per application) will bear part of the costs of the mission, which is estimated to be $6 billion. The rest of the money may come from various sources, including proceeds from a TV reality show focusing on the mission.

To apply for the mission one doesn’t need to have a background in rocket science, or astronomy. One just needs to have enough motivation, good sense of humor, and nerves of steel, and the desire of not coming back. If one can explain these things in the video application and get the audience talking then the door to the next round will open. After passing two more rounds a group of 28-40 people will be selected who will train for 7 years for the mission. The final team for the mission will be selected based on audience poll. The selection process will come to an end in 2015.

If you’re up for such a life-changing journey then go ahead and turn on your webcam. But bear in mind, the ticket is one way; you won’t be coming back.

Source: Mars One

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