NASA Creates “Gangnam Style” Parody To Enlighten Us About Johnson Space Center

After having bagged the ‘award’ of being the most viewed video on YouTube, Gangnam Style has apparently even stirred the folks over at NASA. The space agency has now dished out a Gangnam Style parody which essentially celebrates NASA’s historic Johnson Space Center.


Johnson Space Center is one of NASA’s primary facilities, kind of the place where the magic happens. The facility was kickstarted into action during the 1960s and currently serves as NASA’s center for research, HR training and several other purposes.

The significance of the Johnson Space Center couldn’t be stressed more since in the greater role of NASA, the place has often served as the launchpad of numerous projects by the space agency. The name of the facility has frequently recurred in space-missions. But until now, it was known in a fairly formal manner.

With the new Gangnam Style parody that NASA has now officially released, we get to see the more informal side of the Center. The video is dubbed ‘Johnson Style’ and goes on to show some funny dancing as well as different parts of the facility.

Apparently, this parody was performed by the students working at the facility in order to provide the general public with a more intimate look into the workings of the space agency. You can watch the funny video below.

Source: NASA

Courtesy: The Verge

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