Russian, European Space Agencies Assess Permanent Moon Bases

New features have become appeared regarding the shared mission between the Russian’s Federal Space Agency (Roscosmo) and the European Space Agency (ESA). The joint mission is sending humans to an undiscovered area at the south pole of Moon.


This is the part of series mission which composes for the come back of the lander to the surface and a stable settlement. The mission, called Luna 27 will looking for whether there is water and other raw materials to create fuel and oxygen or not.

However, the first spacecraft will start with robot but later on, the goal is to bring homo sapiens return to the permanent moon bases.


The lead scientists of the Space Research Institute in Moscow, Prof Igor Mitrofanov said to BBC News, “We have to go to the Moon. The 21st Century will be the century when it will be the permanent outpost of human civilisation, and our country has to participate in this process. We have to work together with our international colleagues.”

Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Agency is leading the mission and Luna 27 is set for launch within five years, according to BBC News. Although, this joint moon settlement mission has been in the planning steps for years but looking for final approval consideration in 2016.

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