An Astrobiologist Made A Special Spacesuit For Walking On Mars!

Spacesuit plays one of the important roles for going in space. Earlier we have seen NASA designing a new spacesuit ‘Z-1’ that looks like Buzz Lightyear’s suit from Toy Story. And lately, Dr Gernot Groomer, who is an Austrian astrobiologist, has made a new spacesuit called Aouda.X for astronauts for walking on Mars which will take around three hours to put on.

Special Spacesuit For Walking On Mars

Dr. Gernot Groomer painted an imaginary view of Mars in this way – abrasive particles of glassy sand, whipped into dust-storms (with wind speeds of 200kph/125mph); Galactic cosmic rays of radiation, with only the thinnest atmosphere to block it; temperatures plummeting to minus 130 degrees Celsius. No doubt, such environment is “fairly” hostile.

Keeping that imaginary hostile environment in mind, Dr. Groomer has made Aouda.X at the Austrian Space Forum by taking inspiration from medieval knights which he believes can be used for the Mars explorers of tomorrow. This suit is made from roughly 10,000 parts, designed for the most treacherous environment yet to be encountered by a human being. The Aouda.X spacesuit weighs 45 kilogram and incorporates air and power supplies, communication devices, sensors to take biometric readings, and ventilation — plus all the facilities required to allow an astronaut to eat, drink.

The built-in virtual assistant within the spacesuit will be able to notify astronauts when they will be running out of Oxygen like “be careful you’re running out of oxygen.” It will also be able to measure the distance and will say, for example, “your next target is 2 kilometers away.” The very interesting thing is astronauts will have to spend three hours to put on this spacesuit!

Groomer said, “The big difference in our suit is that we consider it as a central hub for an entire family of instruments,” meaning the wearer can keep control of a robotic explorer vehicle and all the devices and sensors to be housed at the Martian base station.

Source: CNN

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