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MWC 2013

$100 SpareOne Emergency Cellphone Powers Up With AA Battery

California-based mobile maker SpareOne introduced an emergency low-powered cell phone under its brand name at the CES 2013. The best thing about this cell phone is users simply can put one AA battery in the back of the phone and make calls for up to 10 hours. To grab customers' attention, SpareOne has again showcased this phone at MWC 2013.

Samsung And Intel’s Tizen OS Announced At MWC 2013

Last year a rumor swirled that Samsung was planning to shut down development of its Bada OS and the company would start focusing on its open-source Linux-based OS - Tizen. Finally that rumor has turned into reality. Samsung has officially announced that it aims to allocate resources from Bada to Tizen, whilst helping developers with the transition.

LG And Huawei Put Firefox OS Phone Silently At MWC 2013

You may know that Alcatel and ZTE have already announced their Firefox OS handsets. On the other hand we know that LG and Huawei are two of the other manufactures who are also working with Mozilla to bring Firefox OS handsets. Though LG and Huawei haven't made any official announcements about it, the devices have been found at the MWC 2013.