uberPLUS: A Step Above The Everyday

Here comes uberPLUS, something in between uberX and uberBLACK. With nice car model check the pricing details inside.


What is uberPLUS?
uberPLUS offers an elevated experience at rates cheaper than a taxi and seats up to 4 passengers. You can expect pickups from BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Classes and Audi A4s, among others.

How much it costs?
Here is a sample price comparison for uberLA

uberPLUS price compare

One thing you have to keep in mind, uber is very City specific. So far I could see this offer is available for some cities near Los Angeles for sure from today. To check availability where you need uber now, all you have to do is open the uber App in your phone and check what kind of uber ride they offer there.

My personal experience is pretty awesome with uber so far from the numerous time I used it. But we also have news like this flying around for last few days.

So, what do you guys think? Want to ride a BMW 3 Series when somebody drives for you?

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