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Yahoo Finally Acquires Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

We have been hearing for a while that Yahoo was in the process of trying to finalize an acquisition deal with Tumblr. It now seems that the deal has finalized and Yahoo has bagged the social media giant for $1.1 billion. The company promises that it would not 'screw up' Tumblr as a result of the acquisition.

Yahoo Japan: 22 Million User IDs Leaked

Yahoo is back in the tech headlines every once in a while. And most of the times, it is for all the wrong reasons. The company has repeatedly been criticized for having systems which turn out to be insecure. Now, Yahoo Japan has revealed that it suspects that the IDs of some 22 million of its users have been leaked.

Yahoo Launches A Cleaning Spree, Abandons Many Products

Yahoo has been in troubled waters for quite some time now. The company has tried to rescue its downward spiral by letting go of employees and trimming down its product line-up. Continuing the effort, Yahoo has launched yet another cleaning spree, abandoning a whole range of products such as Yahoo Deals and SMS Alerts.
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