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Yahoo Starts Wish List To Request Inactive Usernames

We reported earlier that Yahoo had decided to axe such accounts which have been inactive for extended periods. Now, the company has launched a Wish List where you can enter such usernames which you wish to acquire. Once Yahoo identifies that any of these usernames are available, they will be reassigned to you on a first-come first-serve basis.

AltaVista Finally Takes Its Last Breath

Before Google dominated the online search, AltaVista was among the big wigs in the arena. The search engine was once the most popular stop for people to punch in their online queries. However, over time, AltaVista has been diminished to a barely significant product, which is why Yahoo has now decided to abandon it altogether.

Yahoo Mail Classic Shutting Down Today

Yahoo has been clamping down on a number of its older services in recent months. The company rolled out a new email interface a while ago and now, it has announced that it will be shuttering Yahoo Mail Classic, which features the older interface, on June 3.
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