Suspicious Behavior Will Be Detected By New Surveillance Cameras

Imagine a set of cameras installed on an airport terminal. Now imagine that these cameras are somehow able to scan all those passing in front of it and is able to tell which person is exhibiting suspicious behavior. Essentially, such a camera will be able to identify a criminal even before the criminal commits a crime.

Call these cameras ‘Big Brother’ cameras, if you may, since they are meant for the very purpose. The cameras are intended to be installed in a number of public places such as train stations.

These cameras have to be installed so that it could scan all the passengers or people passing in front of it. This way, the cameras are able to discern the behavior of all these scanned people and could tell if any of them is showing suspicious behavior.

Naturally, the cameras can’t be expected to be 100% right. These cameras will have a pre-set built-in definition of ‘normal behavior’ and if anyone deviates from that definition, the cameras will alert a human guard through a call or a message. Not only is the human supervisor notified of the suspicious behavior, a recording is also sent along with the details to tell why a certain action was deemed suspicious.

The cameras have been manufactured by BRS Labs and soon, the company has plans of installing the cameras on the San Francisco transport system. Moreover, the cameras will be able to scan 150 people at a time, meaning they can scan thousands of people in a day. Also, BRS claims that these cameras can somehow ‘learn’ and then evolve their memory, thus developing their definition of suspicious behaviors to be more accurate.

Source: Daily Mail

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