350,000 Apple Textbooks Sold In 3 Days

When Apple launched digital textbooks in collaboration with McGraw Hill, Pearson and other publishers, many analysts speculated that these textbooks may not be a huge success. Fast forward just three days and Apple has already sold 350,000 textbooks!! That’s a mighty large number, given the fact that digital textbooks are still not a very accepted phenomenon. At this rate, Apple may as well dominated the textbook industry sooner than later.

It’s been just three days since the launch of digital textbooks by Apple. According to a report by Global Equities Research, which monitored the textbook downloads, Apple has sold about 350,000 books since the launch of it’s textbooks venture. Apple also launched iBooks Author 2 when it announced the launch of the books.

Analysts say that this may also be due to the fact that some top publishers are teaming up with Apple on this venture. Moreover, the textbook publishers may find this transition from paper textbooks to digital textbooks as very viable. This reduces many costs for publishers and still brings them a fine profit, since the books are being sold by Apple for $14.99 or less. Even when sold at this price, it is more affordable for common user compared to the standard paper textbook version.

Another major reason for the success of these books may be that these books feature some very interactive elements. The digital versions contain 3D images, videos, glossaries and a lot more interactive widgets. One can take notes and do a whole lot more things on these digital textbooks. Naturally, from a reader’s point of view, these books are lot better than their paper counterparts. While this is just the start, Apple is already pocketing a huge success which may only grow exponentially in the coming days.

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