802.11n Wi-Fi standard approved finally

After a seven year long wait IEEE has finally ratified its 802.11n high throughput WLAN standard.

Finalization of the standard took six years since the first version was released. The standard has gone through a number of drafts.

News of the ratification broke via a blog post showing an email sent by Bruce Kraemer, Chair of the IEEE Wireless LAN Working Group, to task group members. The email confirms that the IEEE 802.11n has been ratified along with IEEE 802.11w. A press release has also been issued at 3:43 pm EDT.

The newly ratified standard will serve up to ten fold speed compared to previous versions. The speed limit will be from 300 Mbps to 600 Mbps, opening a new facet for the Wi-Fi industry.

The Wi-Fi alliance, the group that tests and certifies wireless products to ensure their interoperability, also welcomed the new IEEE 802.11n standard.

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