Now HTC Filed Lawsuit Against Apple In UK

HTC is appealing a U.S. International Trade Commission preliminary ruling declaring some Apple mobile products didn’t violate patents held by S3 Graphics and it eemed as if the spat was coming to an end after HTC said it was open to negotiations after a U.S. International Trade Commission judge ruled that HTC infringed two Apple patents…………..


Apple filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against HTC this past March over patent infringement claims. On July 15, the ITC ruled that HTC had infringed upon at least two of Apple’s patents, which could (in a worst case scenario) result in a ban against the sale of all HTC Android products in the United States. Last week, HTC’s chief financial officer Winston Yung said that HTC was willing to negotiate with Apple, as HTC reminded investors again during its quarterly conference call that HTC had picked up 235 issued patents and patent applications from S3 Graphics for $300 million during the second quarter. In another twist, S3 recently secured an ITC ruling its favor against Apple over two compression technology patents. HTC Europe has brought the battle to the international stage as it filed a lawsuit against Apple in the United Kingdom on Monday. However, specifics as to the nature of the lawsuit have not been divulged. FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller writes that even as HTC tries to counter Apple’s attacks, “Apple will strike down upon HTC with a vengeance.”

By filing a lawsuit in Europe, HTC shows its determination to keep fighting. That determination is beyond doubt. But no matter in how many countries HTC may file lawsuits against Apple, it won’t be able to change anything about Apple’s objectives. Apple optimizes for product differentiation, not patent licensing revenues.



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