Can YouTube Beat Google in Becoming The Top Search Engine?

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Social Media platforms give us a great chance to connect and collaborate. Although Facebook was not the first social media platform to create the hype.

With time, more and more people are becoming regular users of Social Media Platforms. Roughly 81% of all Americans use Social Media Platforms today.


CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media app right now. It roughly has a 2.19 Billion Active users per month. This Social Media Platform regularly updates and adds new features to it.

However, it has sparked public outrage as news broke out that Facebook leaked personal information of 87 million of its users. Still, Facebook seems to thrive. Apart from its own platform, Facebook owns the top two most widely used messaging apps- Messenger and Whatsapp.


CEO: Jack Dorsey

Twitter is different from Facebook in a sense that it puts a word limit to its post. Users can write anything within 280 characters. Some argue that it is the most popular microblogging website.

Twitter has 330 Million Active monthly users. Apart from the U.S, Twitter has the second largest user base in Brazil-27.7 Million users followed by Japan-25.9 Million.


CEO: Jeff Weiner

LinkedIn is a great professional networking site. you can say that the entire interface of LinkedIn is different from Facebook which it is. Back in 2015, it was acquired by Microsoft which was the most expensive acquisition by any tech firm ever.

Ever since its acquisition, LinkedIn has two new signups every second. However, the number of millennials signing up on LinkedIn is still very low.


CEO: Susan Wojcicki

YouTube is not just a social media platform, it also is the second widely used search engine. It is owned by Google. YouTube has video content on anything and everything. Apart from its free service, it also has a subscription-based service-Youtube Red. Furthermore, it also has an online live streaming service-YouTube TV. Currently, YouTube TV has 300,000 paying users.

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