A Kinect-Powered Theme Park Opens In South Korea

Through using technology, innovation is at its best and this is just what d’strict, a new media entertainment company, has done. It has taken the concept of virtual reality to a whole new level with the “Live Park 4D World Tour”, according to gizmag.com. It is a new theme park opened recently in South Korea and has 65 various kinds of attractions. This whole lot of fun covers a lot of area of 10,000 sq. foot (929 sq m). It also has large interactive displays and some installation art pieces.

This is where art, creativity, and imagination meet technology and innovation at its best. The visitors have to wear RFID wristbands that will make the displays visible to them, while Kinect sensors will detect their movements, voices and faces. To have fun, many of the attractions allow users to create an avatar of themselves that they can then interact with. It will also take a virtual adventure that will then be displayed using 3D video, holograms and augmented reality technology.

The Live Park 4D World Tour is currently open at the KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Considering the success it has achieved, d’strict has decided to extend the time of the theme park’s opening. Due to this, the company has also made plans to create more permanent installations in China and Singapore. It might as well come to other countries depending on response from the public.

Some of the fun things that could be done in various installations are:

Ender Mirror: where visitors can create an avatar of themselves and interact with it.

Live360: this is the world’s largest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theatre, where visitors can follow their avatar through an interesting adventure of an interactive story that has multiple endings. It is like getting into a movie or a game.

Live Square: here visitors can play games with their avatar in a 150-meter (492-foot) wide projection square

Live Holo: it has stylish holographic displays that have been created by artists from all around the world.

Syno Star Performance: here visitors can put up a show with their avatars and holograms on an augmented reality stage.

Mega Live Event: through this the whole park is turned into a night spot, complete with DJs, events, and performances.

Here you can watch the video

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