A Tooth-embedded Sensor Made To Tell Doctors When You Drink Or Smoke

For our better health, doctors advise us not to drink any kind of alcohol or have any kind of unhealthy food. But still we do drink alcohol and eat unhealthy food more or less, and often lie to the doctors when they ask us about our food/drinking habit. But seems like this won’t go any longer. Lately, a team of researchers from the National Taiwan University in Taipei has created a tooth-embedded sensor that will identify what and when you ate or drank, and thus let the doctor know whether you are lying or not.

Sensor Embedded On Teeth

The sensor consists of a tiny circuit that fits inside a tooth cavity and can be rigged into dentures and dental braces. The circuit is able to recognize the jaw motions of drinking, chewing, coughing, speaking, and smoking. After detection, the electro-tooth sends the data to your doctor’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

Tooth-embedded Sensor

In a study with eight participants, the tooth recorded the correct activity with 94 percent accuracy. Although the device has shown a great performance in tests, researchers are working on it to make it even more perfect.

Source: Gizmodo

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