Ultra Violet (UV) Photography Reveals Our Sun Damaged Body Skins

We all know that Ultra Violet (UV) rays coming with sun light damage our skin slowly but surely. There have been many experiments to protect these kind of skin damages. But, probably no one has measured or visualized the extent of skin damage from UV rays, until now. Recently, some researchers have successfully visualized the damaged skins using Ultra Violet (UV) photography. The results have surely astonished them, as can be seen from the following photos!

It’s not easy to peer inside our own bodies and check out the health condition. It’s also difficult to see the effects sun exposure is having on our skin. To check out the skin condition, one of the best-known way is Ultra-Violet photography. Researchers at the University of Colorado have recently tested UV photography’s use as a tool in the fight against Cancer. The researchers studied the assumption that actual signs of susceptibility to Melanoma Cancer. The researchers studied on those 12 year old boys and girls out of 600 (approximate), who were found with signs of susceptibility with the most visible spots in the UV photographs.

Anyone can see the damaged skins using UV light. UV light covers the range from roughly 1-400 nano-meters. Robert Dellavalle, a dermatologist, used Canfield’s Visia Complexion Analysis to snap a photo. After seeing the images, Dellavalle became so much astonished and inspired also to do better job in order to prevent the sun light from damaging the body skins.

Source : CNet
Image Credit : University of Colorado Cancer Center