A Video Interview With The Author of ‘Inside Apple’

Apple’s close culture has raised many a brows and many analysts have written about it extensively. However, there have been no books that provide a detailed insight into Apple’s culture, the way it works and the way employees are at Apple. Adam Lashinsky, a well-known Silicon-Valley journalist, has now written a book, ‘Inside Apple’ which basically tells what is the culture at Apple and how Apple has gone on to be the most successful company in the whole world.

In this video interview at LinkedIn headquarters, Adam speaks in detail about Apple. According to Adam, Apple has been a very very secretive & closed company. The level of secrecy is so guarded that some times, one employee doesn’t know what another employee is working on. Adam says that this has helped Apple in a lot of ways: having different employees working on just individual components rather than complete products has ensured that not many people, even in Apple, knew what product was being developed. And so, all the hype was created for the keynote address by Steve Jobs on which the products were usually launched.

This secrecy has also ensured that no leaks went to the press, to the customers or to anyone outside the company. Treat yourself with the video to listen to a very interesting interview by Adam:

Image courtesy acaben.

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