Adobe Adds Signature And Form Support To Mobile Reader 10.2

One of the major problems with the digital realm has been that it hasn’t been able to provide an adequate alternative to signatures. Now, however, Adobe has introduced an in-app Ink Signature tool for the Adobe Mobile Reader app for Android and iOS. This means that you can digitally produce very real signatures right through your mobile app without having to resort to real pen-and-paper and fax machines.

This can truly prove to be the last nail in the coffin of  fax machines which have been around precisely for the reason that signed documents were preferred over digital versions. Now, with the Adobe Mobile Reader offering the same functionality, it seems that the signature can finally shift its alliances.

The new version of the app, version 10.2, comes with a number of other new features too. For instance, there is a free hand-writing option as well as a text markup features. For those of us who want things organized and notes, the addition of sticky notes is also quite useful. The new version also comes with EchoSign integration and inter-document link and form support. Moreover, the thumbnail navigation feature can be truly useful for the mobile users.

According to SVP and GM, Acrobat and Document Services, Kevin  M. Lynch, ‘The days of printing, signing and faxing back signed documents are numbered. With Adobe Reader and EchoSign, we’re making it easy for anyone to send important contracts to customers so that they can quickly and easily sign and send them electronically and get the deal done faster.’

The Ink Signature Tool and EchoSign integration tools have also been added to the desktop version of the Adobe app through an update.

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