AirPlay Video Streaming Coming Soon To HDTVs

2011 is a big year for Airplay devices. Bloomberg have reported that AirPlay might make its way into HDTVs, as Apple is allegedly in talks with major HDTV makers, to allow them to use the technology, and allow users to stream movies and TV shows directly to their TVs.

Native AirPlay support in HDTVs would allow iOS-powered devices, as well as computers running iTunes, to push content directly to the screen, without having to use a third party device, or an Apple TV. While the move could potentially hurt Apple TV sales, the revenue loss would most likely be offset by the revenue generated by additional movies and shows purchased by iOS and iTunes users able to use AirPlay directly on their TV.

While the move will most likely hurt Apple TV sales, enabling HDTVs to support AirPlay natively would most likely help Apple sell more content than ever, and should generate a revenue boost large enough to compensate potentially weakened Apple TV sales. Moreover, Apple would charge HDTV makers a fee of at least $4 per unit to allow them to offer AirPlay to their customers.

According to the report, the first TV models to support AirPlay should be released later this year.


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