Google Bags Kevin Rose And His Team

Kevin Rose, a part of the Milk Product Team and founder of a number of projects, has been high in demand with a number of major tech companies. Earlier it was reported that both Facebook and Google are in talks with Kevin to bring him on board. And now, it has finally come to light that Google has outdone Facebook in bagging him and his team in a acquire-hire sort of deal.

Kevin is known as one of the super-tech-entrepreneurs. This is because he launched a number of wildly successful tech-ventures, the highlight of which is of course the link website Digg. He left Digg when he was replaced as CEO and launched a micro-blogging website Pownce. At length, Kevin founded ‘Milk’ and has been involved with mobile apps development.

A lot of tech companies have been wanting to have him on their teams, given the sheer novelty and creativity he possesses and with his experience of multiple successful ventures. We have been hearing that Facebook was trying hard to get him on board. The scales, however, tipped in favor of Google

The details of the deal are still not very clear. What is clear, though, it that Google has finally acquired Kevin Rose and his team. The deal has reportedly been an acquire-hire with the estimated worth of the deal being put at somewhere near $15 million. Also, the investors of the actual milk product team, the team which was led by Kevin, seem quite happy with the deal, so it would seem that Google definitely made a pretty lucrative offer to the team.

As a result of the deal, Google is not acquiring the app itself but just the team. Kevin Rose will be involved in working on Google’s social projects. The app that had been developed by him has been shut down yesterday, apparently as soon as the deal was finalized. Before this deal with Google, Kevin was working on a new model of app iteration with his team of eight, after having raised funds worth $1.7 million.

Although it isn’t clear whether Google hired all eight of the team members, what we can say with a safe surety is that Kevin Rose, designer Daniel Burka, Josh Lane and Chris Hutchins have been hired by Google while the fate of the rest of the team members remains unknown.

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  1. Tom Hunt

    Wow this is cool i wish i could be in his place.

  2. Tom Hunt

    Wow this is cool i wish i could be in his place.

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