Apple Reportedly Finalizing Licensing Deals For Its Internet Radio

It has been rumored for nearly a year now that Apple is readying an internet radio service of its own. While Apple hasn’t confirmed any such developments, alleged reports kept rolling. Now, it is being reported that Apple is pushing to finalize licensing deals to speed up the launch of the radio service.


A number of internet radio services have launched in the last two years and the likes of Pandora and Spotify already dominate the arena. If Apple intends to enter the fray, the company needs to come up with a unique offer.

To that end, Apple apparently plans to offer tailored music streams for individual users through the allegedly upcoming service. Although that’s the plan, Apple seems to be in trouble with music labels and artists. Many of these entities are demanding far higher royalty fees than Apple is agreeing to pay. As a result, Apple hasn’t been able to seal many music licensing deals.

Now, however, the company is pushing to sign the deals and may compromise over its royalty policy. The company has already sealed deals with both, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. The urgency is simply because Apple wants the radio service to be ready for launch at its upcoming developers’ conference.

So far we have come to know that the radio service will be free. Apple will apparently manage to make money out of the service through ads pushed on it.

Courtesy: New York Times

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