Apple Gears Up Plans For A Future TV

Rumors about Apple planning to launch a TV are getting more frequent. According to reports, Apple is discussing the different aspect of TV content with media companies. The plan, according to the reports, is that Apple may release an actual TV which can access content through wi-fi and can even store content at and access it from iCloud. No official statement from Apple has come so far.

Apple is looking to revolutionize the TV industry. Steve Jobs had been on this for long and according to his biography which was recently released, Jobs said that he was able to ‘crack’ the secret to an easy-to-use TV.

Apple is engaging with different media companies so that it could explore different options on how content can be provided, created and streamed for the users on their TV. So far, the reports suggest the following:

Wireless streaming on Apple TV:
A connected TV that will provide content to the users through wi-fi. This certainly hasn’t been an option explored well enough in the entertainment arena of television and may prove to be innovative. Apple is having talks with different media executives, exploring the possibility of streaming content directly from media houses, possible in a way the cable operators do.

Use of Siri on TV:
While the recent report say much of Apple’s progress on this one, there’s been a lot of talk that Apple may well embed Siri in Apple TV  – and that can be render Apple TV far superior that other TVs in terms of control.

iCloud content storage:
Apple is also exploring options of aligning it’s TV with the online storage service so that users can stream content directly from iCloud and store it there too.

A very important point to note here is that Apple won’t be simply developing a TV set and leaving things at that. The reports say that Apple has plans of eventually creating such a solution for TV content that it is compatible for it’s prior devices such as iPhone and iPad. When Apple will release this futuristic Apple TV is not sure as of yet.

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