Google Maps and Google Earth Now Show Latest Updated Satellite Imagery of Japan After Tsunami

Google has been updating its maps. Every now and then it comes up with significant and important updates for Google Maps. This time it is about Japan’s new imagery after the Tsunami. The new updates will show the progress that has been made in these tsunami and earthquake hit areas through Google’s satellite according to The Next Web. With the help of these people who want to know what had happened can have a satellite view and those who are interested in making out studies can link their research to these Google Maps to show a better look at what happened and what recovery has been made.

The new satellite images taken in February and March include the entire Northeastern coast of the island, and updated areas are Bride of Minami Sanriku Town and Shiogama Port, which are both in Miyagi. Google said that its update for the Japan’s new imagery is not done yet and there is much more to be updated. To remain updated on these changes one can use Follow Your World to see what new images Google has added up. You would receive notifications upon new images of Tohoku area.

According to Google:

“Since the earthquake and tsunami last March 11th, we have been updating satellite and aerial imagery of the area to show the effects of the disaster as well as the pace of rebuilding. The new imagery shows that the road to full recovery is still long. There are, however, signs of progress — from large trucks on the streets to newly repaired bridges and bustling ports.”

Comparing these from the previous year, one can clearly see the difference. It is amazing how technology can make us see all of these things that even ten years ago was not possible and one thought that it won’t be that much accessible. But now due to Google Maps anyone in the world can see these things and can learn more. These things are no more for the scientists only, but are available to the general public as well. These images can be seen both on Google Maps and on Google Earth. All one has to do is to switch to the satellite view to know what is there.


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