Apple Has Asked Courts Whether Or Not It Can Sue Kodak

As if Kodak’s woes are not already sufficient to possibly sink it’s ship, Apple is gearing up to now weight against the company over allegations of patent infringement. Kodak has already filed for bankruptcy and has abandoned it’s ‘camera business.’ It filed case against the use of a patent technology that it claims Apple and RIM have violated. Apple plans to launch a counter-suit, to claim that the technology originally was developed by Apple itself.

The problem, however, with it all is that Kodak is now vying for bankruptcy. So, Apple is trying to get the courts to tell it that under such circumstances, whether or not Apple can file a case against Kodak. Apple has intentions of filing complaint against Kodak with International Trade Commission and also at U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

From what we know so far, it seems like Apple will be able to file the cases against Kodak. However, Kodak will have the right to ask ITC to halt any progress on Apple’s cases until it’s bankruptcy case is finalized.

Kodak intends to now bank on it’s patenting business after having pulled the plug on it’s cameras. Kodak had originally claimed that Apple and some other companies are violating some of the key patents of Kodak’s patenting business. Apple responded by saying that actually, the said patent was originally developed by Apple when it was working in collaboration with Kodak back in the ’90s. However, which of two are saying the truth can transpire only when the court gives a ruling over it. And that wouldn’t be any time soon.

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