Apple Loses Against Motorola Over An Injunction In German Court

Apple is making a lot of headlines these days, mainly because the latest tablet from the company, the new iPad is out and has truly mesmerized the world. Given the immense demand for the new iPad, analysts are saying that Apple may be able to complete shipping 1 million new iPad tablets within the first 24 hours! That is not to say Apple’s legal troubles are over, with a German court now having ruled against Apple and in favor of Motorola over an injunction.


Apple and Motorola have been locked in legal battles against each other over a whole plethora of issues. One of them was that Motorola claimed that Apple’s push notifications in iCloud and Mobile Me were infringing upon the patents that are originally owned by Motorola. Although so far, it hasn’t been proved that whether or not Motorola’s claim is entirely true, Motorola has certainly bagged a small trophy.

This trophy is having won an injunction against Apple. The German court ruled in favor of Motorola, allowing it an injunction under which Apple will be prevented from sending push notifications in iCloud and Mobile Me. This ban is definitely not permanent and Apple has stopped from sending the notifications as long as the case continues.

Given the past of patent-related legal battles, we can never say for sure who may bag the victory eventually. But what we do know is that Motorola now has good leverage to broker a better deal with Apple privately as a result of this decision by the German court.

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