Apple, Samsung Planning For Waterproof Smartphones

Imagine you are taking a shower and you get an urgent call that you can’t miss. Will you take the call in the shower? Of course not, because water damages your phone. But imagine a phone that continues working perfectly even when exposed to water for a long time. Apparently, Apple and Samsung are in talks with HZO, a company that provides a special spray for the phone’s circuit and body so that it is not damaged by water. So can we really expect a waterproof iPhone 5?

HZO first unleashed the cutting-edge produce at CES 2012. And reports has it that Apple and Samsung were immediately hooked to the idea. After all, who wouldn’t want their cell phones to be water-proof? So currently, Apple and Samsung are in talks with HZO and there is a hope that iPhone 5 may well be a water-proof smartphone.

The officials from HZO claim that when they demonstrated the product by dropping a Samsung Galaxy S into water and yet it kept functioning perfectly, Samsung’s Chairman couldn’t believe his eyes. Naturally, this makes a very, very useful addition to smartphones and all smartphone companies will be vying for it.

Currently, Apple is also deep in talks with HZO and HZO officials are already saying that they are hopeful that the next iPhone will most probably be a water-proof device. What is intriguing is that HZO doesn’t use a conventional approach to protecting the device from water. It doesn’t seal the device, so that water is able to enter the device. Rather, it coats the entire circuitry of the device with a special spray so that water doesn’t come in contact with the circuitry and leaves it unharmed. You can watch a video demo to get a real feel of this technology.

So while the talks are in progress, we can hope that we will no longer have to throw away our cellphone just because it fell into a bowl of water.

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